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Meet Author Thomas Sarc

Treat your students to an unforgettable school or library visit with children's author and award winning poet Thomas Sarc!



Mr. Sarc's school and library programs, generally for Kindergarten to 4th Grade, touch on story development, research techniques and/or any combination of these topics as he takes students through several of his titles including My Dog's World and Dusty's Bad Hair Day...from idea to publication.

This may sound too advanced for those grade levels BUT each program is tailored to the grade and the author is sensitive to the students reactions - tailoring his presentation to suit the situation.

Mr. sarc uses copies of his books, photos, and hand-outs .  He discusses the characters/pets in his books and how he came up with the ideas for his books, etc.

He encourages an interactive presentation - where students are asked to present their questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.


The approximate time for each session is 45-60 minutes including questions and answers.  All students will receive bookmarks and/or photos of book characters!



School/Library Visit Rates

One Full School-Day visit - usually 4 to 5 hours (for schools within Long Island): $400.

Half School-Day visit - usually  hours 2 to 3 hours (for schools within Long Island): $300.

Two day residency (outside Long Island): $1800 plus travel expenses*

Three day residency (outside Long Island): $2500 plus travel expenses*

NOTE: Individual class sessions (including public library sessions) are available (on Long Island) in 1-1.5 hour increments at $150 per session plus travel expenses*


*One day and half day visits are only available within Long Island.  All out of the Long Island area visits must be a minimum of two full days in length.  Team up with schools in your area to split tie cost of the visit fee and travel expenses!



***Click on photos below for larger version***

Below: Mr. Sarc's presentation at a Long Island School

One of many letters Mr. Sarc received from students.