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PERSONALIZED BOOKS!  For children, adults...your name and/or photos (sent by you) in your own personalized book!  Makes a great gift. 

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Dogs (children's book)

Dogs are our friends and help us in many ways.  This entertaining children's picture book will show how dogs play with us, work for us and keep us company.

The Phone BoyZ (CD)
a recording of hilarious prank phone calls.
Note: This is a CD.
Tom Sarc Gets Revenge On Telemarketers

Author recently interviewed and published in the Long Island Beacon Record for this book!!! See interview under Periodicals tab.

Get rid of those annoying telemarketers once and for all - and have fun while doing it! Tom Sarc Gets Revenge On Telemarketers is a hilarious collection of humorous things to say to these pests when they call you.



Beat The System

Are you tired of being taken advantage of by major companies...the government...retailers...etc?  If so, you need Beat The System!  This book will tell how to get back at those who take advantage of you - and possibly profiting in the process.


Fed up with drivers, people on cell phones, government...FED UP with just about everyone!  Are you too?  If so, you want to read this book.  WHY am I fed up is answered here.   Humorous...serious...pathetic...

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E-Mail Letters From A WACKO!

The Cats Final Exit Manual

Sweet Revenge

Tom Sarc Gets Revenge on Telemarketers

Bathroom Graffiti/Other Wacky Works Of Art

The Haunted Attic

Always Look Behind You

My Dog's World

Dusty's Bad Hair Day

My Dog Ate My Homework

Dishing Out Delicious

The Phone Boyz CD (prank calls)