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If you have already been to my BOOKS page, you would have seen a book titled FED UP.  This book, while on the humorous side, was written by me because I am fed up with numerous individuals, companies, organizations, etc. 

THIS PAGE is dedicated to some of the FED UP incidents I have experienced as well as new ones.  This page is not meant to be humorous and states only facts that I have been a victim of - and maybe you too!  If anyone would like to add their voices about unethical, devious, illegal, etc people...companies...etc....please send an email to  Maybe your stores will be in print too!

This page will be updated as necessary.


THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LISTING- THERE ARE MANY MORE!  And these are my experiences and opinions.  Yours may differ.





Verizon.  There is too much negative I can say about this company so I will just mention one personal experience.  I was a manager for Verizon for 20 years - leaving (unvoluntarily) in 2001.  Prior to that, I have supervised as many as 40 union employees in New York City and Queens.  From 1996 to 2001, I supervised 8 emplolyees in a Long Island location.  One of the employees, a male in his late 50's, was, to put it bluntly, a nut-case.  He would have bursts of violence...throw things (even at me, his boss), etc.  When I called my boss (who worked in the city about 50 miles away) and told her that I had to call corporate security, she said that if I did that she "would have Jack," (her boss), 'fire my ass!"  She did not want to have it on record that she had a violent individual working under her.  Keep in mind, Verizon constantly preaches non violence - and any violence will not be tolerated.  BULL SHIT!

This wacko employee kept up with his violent behavior.  One day he came in with a gun.  We, (me or the other employees) did not know if it was real or fake. I called Corporate Security AND Suffolk Police.  When my boss was informed, she went through the roof.  Not because he had a gun.  Not because he was violent and dangerous to others.  Nooooo!  She was pissed that I reported it!

Now, to make a long story short....I had an accident on the job in a company car.  I was out for months on disability.  When I came back, I was told to go the city for a meeting with my boss' boss.  I did.  He was there with a "witness."  They told me that, while I was out, they found porn on my company computer.  Now even if I did go on porn sites, I know better not to do it at work.  But they made this up to hold against me my reporting the violent employee!

They told me that I would be out on a two week paid administrative leave while they "researched."  They were full of shit - research.  There was nothing to research.  Well the two weeks turned into 10 months.  That's right...I was out 10 months.  Why?  Because at the end of the 10 months the company was going through a management force reduction and what better way to  get rid of me that through "legal" means.

The company got what they wanted....once again (and probably a billion times more over the company lifetime) they lied.  There was no porn on my computer.  I went against my boss when she said not to report the violent employee.

The story does have a happy ending (in my opinion) and the term, "what goes around comes around" is fitting.  My boss, the one who initiated my termination, died shortly after.  Awwwww! 

I was not fired.  I was "allowed" to take a SHITTY retirement package - which amounted to really nothing.


Another VERIZON story -

Being concidered a Verizon retiree, I was told (several years later) that I qualify for the FIOS Ultimate Retiree Package.  Phone, Internet, TV....the best of all of it for only $89.95 a month for life.  I was told that all I had to do was have FIOS installed (I now had Cable)...then go onto my benefit site (I had a site but no benefits) and click on the discount FIOS link.  I had the FIOS installed...then went to the website.  Guess what?  There was no FIOS link!  What a surprise.  I spent the next few months contacting different departments in Verizon - each time being told that I do qualify and keep trying to find the link.  There was none.  Then one day I get a call from Verizon Benefits Office.  Do I get a pension?  No, I told them...I took a measley lump sum.  Do I get medical benefits?  No.  Well I am sorry then, you do not qualify for the Ultimate Retiree package.  So, instead of paying $89.95 a month, I now (2019) pay $218.  And you may say just cancel FIOS.  Well as an employee and former employee, I had what they called Class A service for my phone - which meant I paid almost nothing.  If I canceled FIOS, I would NOT get my Class A service back and have to pay for it just like a regular non-employee.

Boy does Verizon suck!  Go do a search.  Put in things like "Verizon unethical" or "Verizon sucks."  You will fine HUNDREDS of complaints.




In my town a new pet store popped up (a while ago) - Pet Supples Plus.  They were right around the corner - a lot closer that the Petco I have been going to.  I started taking my 2 year old grandson there to see the fish, birds, mice, etc.  One day they had a bird in a big cage.  I think it was called a Conjure.  It was extremely friendly.  We went back often and expressed interest in the bird.  The bird and cage was about $900.  At that price they could not sell it.  After visiting with my grandson (and my wife) MANY times, I told the guy there (I think he was a manager).  His nametag said CJ.  Twerpy little fellow.  He showed me the bird many times every time we visited.  I even have photos of me holding this very tame bird.  CJ told me that they reduced the price for everything to $300.  Even before that I told him that I wanted to buy it.  But on this day, this CJ said another woman was interested in it.  Yeah, but I have been coming back for several months expressing interest.  This woman only came in once.  CJ said that if she does not buy it by Monday (this was Thursday) I could have it.  What kind of shit was that???  I was a customer IN THE STORE with CASH IN HAND.  But a one time visitor MIGHT want the bird????

Well I never got a call from CJ...and then went back to the store.  They said the bird was sold.  CJ was not there - I only hope he was fired.

I sent a fax and US Mail letter on Feb 19, 2019, March 7, 2019 and today, Arpri 8, 2019 to the following executives at Pet Supples Plus:

Christopher Rowland - CEO

Kenneth Miles Tedder, JR - COO

Dan Boose- CFO

Derek T. Panfil- Sr. VP Merchandising and Marketing

Heidi Char - Sr VP Human Resources

Jeff Suttle - Sr. VP Supply Chain



My personal advice...go to Petco, PetSmart or ANY other pet chain but not Pet Supplies Plus!




My wife leased a car from here three years ago.  The car lease expires soon and she wanted to turn it in and lease a larger car.  I called the sales manager...he told me that my wife could get a 2019 (they are trying to make room for the 2020 models) mileage...ZERO money down with monthly payments of $139 for 36 months.  He said come in and talk to a salesman.  We did.  We were there for THREE hours!  The salesman did not honor that price.  He said that we would have to put $4700 down and the payments would be $205 a month.  This was clearly a bait and switch scam...telling me something on the phone and changing it when we get there.  Since they were able to get the car color my wife wanted, my wife wanted to accept the deal (even though I was against it).  The salesman said he would take a $100 deposit (refundable) to hold the price while he looked for the color my wife wanted.  He then went to "talk to his manager..." came back and told us it was not a $100 deposit to hold the price BUT $500!  Another lie.  I have spoken to quite a few people since then who told me to STAY AWAY from any of the Atlantic car dealers in West Islip.  We ended up going to Centereach Hyundai who gave us a better deal.




In 2017 i leased a 2017 Subaru Forester with 10,000 miles a year allowed. I leased it for three years and about 6 months (extended due to pandemic). I was allowed 30,000 miles total before i had to pay mileage.  When i turned it in in nov 2020, there was only 13,000 miles on it.  I then leased ANOTHER forester.  The salesman and i inspected the 2017 forester i turned in for damage.  The only found was a very tiny "ding" on the driver door (could barely see it) and another small scratch on the rear under the hatch that was not even visible unless the hatch was open!  The salesman said there should be no charge.  And he was right...but since the scratches were not enough to charge me, subaru finance had to come up with some other excuse to get extra they sent me a letter saying there was a cut in a tire and i had to pay $206!  It is amazing that this was allegedly found AFTER i left the dealer.  There was nothing wrong with any of the only 13,000 mile driven tires. DO NOT TRUST SUBARU! 

UPDATE:  I decided to lease another Forester since, overall, there was nothing wrong with the car - only the greedy transaction mentioned above.  BUT, after driving the car for about 200 miles so far, I have been averaging 10 miles per gallon!  In my 2017 it was about 18+.  The salesman tried to tell me that the car has to be broken in (load of shit) and to contact him in the spring if no better.  I will wait until the spring and see if he was right but everything I am reading says THAT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BROKEN IN!



This is one of the many delivery services that became popular during the pandemic of 2020 and beyond.  My wife uses them - I am against them.  The other day she placed an order.  She ordered at about 3:30PM.  They told her approx 7PM delivery.  3.5 hours!!!  Some of the stuff was for dinner but we could eat late.  About 6:30 she got an email saying that the shopper (who was almost finished) stopped shopping and they had to get another shopper.  The new delivery time would be about 8:30.  WHAT A CROCK!  My wife canceled the order and I wrote to them complaining.  Not only that, the prices when you order through Instacart are higher than going through the regular store site.  Example...BJ Wholesale Club...Four of the five items we selected were $2.00 more EACH on Instacart.  When I mentioned that to Instacart, they said it was the store setting the prices.  Bull Shit.  If you can use another delivery service (making sure they are not overpriced also) do so.  Or, if you can get to the store personally, I highly recommend not using Instacart.  Over five hours to deliver and higher prices for items!  A big joke.  Hopefully after this pandemic people go back to their normal shopping in person and Instacart and other deliver services go out of business.



Stay away from!  We have had many problems with them.  Most recent feb 14, 2021.  Took forever to pick up food from Friendlys.  Finally got cold.  No notification it was delivered.  We checked outside every five minutes until it was finally here.  Contacted door dash many times.  Finally they said that we would have to contact friendlys to straighten it out.  Door dash takes no responsibility for their many screw ups!



Horrible delivery service!  The worst. And sometimes I would get a newspaper that I did not subscribe to - instead of the paper I did subscribe to!  And the management in the delivery department dont care enough to return calls.  



Overcharges for service that did not work.  THEN, when I wanted to cancel, charged me $150 cancellation fee!  Then after I paid the "bribery" fee,  they tried to add tax to that!!!  That's when I sent my info to my my money back and havent heard from Fox since.  Tax on a cancellation fee for a contract of services that did not work!  LMAO